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 A Great Couple James Taylor and Carole King

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PostSubject: A Great Couple James Taylor and Carole King   20th May 2010, 12:41

Carole was married to a fellow singer and together this young married couple who at that time had still been in their teens. It had been Carole who has always dreamt of a career in the field of music and it had been she who had convinced Gerry that they should both give it a try. A High school friend of theirs named Neil Sedaka had managed to get them an audition with the talented Don Kirshner, and what happened next is history.
This couple that is James Taylor and Carole King had made their debut appearance together at a small nightclub named the Troubadour. It is located in the West Hollywood and this had been the year 1970. Their fame has multiplied since but even they have been unable to out match that performance that they had given together.
They have scheduled a concert at the venue if the HP Pavilion which is situated in San Jose. The concert is scheduled for the month of May. In addition to this they will also perform at the Oakland's Oracle Arena. This performance has been scheduled for the 19th of July.
Carole is a very gifted singer and has the knowhow of building a song with chords and instrumental counterpoints. In order to market her songs, in the beginning of her career she had made several cheap demos for the demonstration of her ideas to the producers. They had been cheaply made but had been so good that little changes in them had been made by the producers and they had themselves a hit song. Get your cheap carole king tickets before they sold out.
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A Great Couple James Taylor and Carole King
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